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Anjou 56 fl.oz Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Unrefined for Hair, Skin, Cooking, Health, Beauty, USDA Certified

Anjou 56 fl.oz Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Unrefined for Hair, Skin, Cooking, Health, Beauty, USDA Certified

About the product
  • 100% natural and organic: USDA certified cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil with an extra virgin quality nourishes hair and skin while being a healthy and pure ingredient for cooking
  • Sourced from Sri Lanka: Non-crossbred trees planted in nutrient-rich coastal soil under hot tropical weather produce the most delicious coconuts with high MCT content
  • The health-conscious choice: A healthy alternative to other cooking oils with a high content of median-chain fatty acid boosts, add it to everything to enhance your health
  • 100+ ways to use: From adding exotic flavors to your drinks and dishes, working as a natural makeup remover, or moisturizing your skin and hair, your entire body can enjoy all the benefits of coconut oil
  • Free pdf guide included: Every purchase will also receive a free PDF that lists all the creative ways you can best enjoy coconut oil

Product description

  • Sourced From The Best
    The best coconuts come from Sri Lanka where they are handpicked from traditional non-crossbred coconut trees.
  • Mechanically Cold Pressed
    Rather than being refined, deodorized, or processed, the cold pressing ensures all the beneficial properties are retained for radiant health and vitality.
  • USDA Certified and Approved
    The USDA certification tells you it’s 100% organic, GMO-free, and safe to eat.
  • Everyone Can Benefit
    No matter your age the entire family can enjoy coconut oil. Use it for cooking or for DIY skin lotions, hair masks, face creams, and carrier oils.
  • Free PDF Guide Included
    With plenty of ways to enjoy, we’ve made things easier by including a FREE “101 Uses of Coconut Oil” PDF just for you.

Product details


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