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Magic ShockLines Lizard Repellent Herbal Spray (200 ml ; MRP: Rs 250)

Magic ShockLines Lizard Repellent Herbal Spray (200 ml ; MRP: Rs 250)

Sold and fulfilled by BHATIAS (3.1 out of 5 | 19 ratings). Gift-wrap available.
  • We are pleased to inform you that we now have 10,000+ Satisfied Customers ONLINE!
  • Spray in Such a Manner That the Lizard Has to Cross Over dried area.
  • Do Not Spray directly On the Lizard, Does Not Kill OR Injure Only Repels
  • Effect last for 3 To 5 Months if not wiped off.
  • Safe to use, Non Toxic Herbal Repellent Spray

Product description

Now EVEN BETTER with NEW improved trigger spray… at the SAME PRICE!! Absolute MAGIC! Safe to use : (colourless and no smell )contains only natural ingredients that lizard dislike and effectively repels them for months lizards are unable to walk on ( dry) sprayed surface and start avoiding the area and do not come back To use: Shake vigorously to Mix well before every use .Spray (from 4″ to 6″ distance) on the wall covering maximum area for best Results, In such a manner that the Lizard has to cross over the treated Area .Spray around entry /exit points and surfaces around Lizard’s hiding Places, such as Tube Light, Windows and Doors, behind Curtain Pelmets , Picture Frames, etc. effect last for 3 to 5 months (if the area is not cleaned) re-apply if necessary. 200 ml Spray when packed !


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